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Icon Tutorial #1

My very first tutorial, I hope it's alright. I don't know if I will be making anymore for awhile. But do enjoy!

Made in PSP XI
Translatable (cuz no effing selective colors)
-Color Balance

Pretty easy.

1. First, grab an image from anywhere you want. In my case, I got it from Then you crop it to 100x100.

2. Duplicate your base layer, drag it to the top and set it to screen 20% opacity. Duplicate your base layer again, drag it to the top and set it to softlight 30% opacity.

3. Create another layer. Flood fill with #d8f6fc. Set to Burn.

4. Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation/Lightness. Change the following saturations.
Master: 0
Red: 65
Yellow: 15
Greens: 0
Cyans: 50
Blues: 45
Magentas: 5

5. Duplicate the adjusted layer and set it to Overlay 20% Opacity.

6. Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance and do the following settings.
15, -10, 35
-20, 0, -10
-20, -5, 15

Preserve luminance checked. Set this layer to 70% Opacity.

7. Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast and do the following.
Brightness: 10
Contrast: -10

Set this to Hue (Legacy)

8. Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Curves and do the following.
Input: 78
Output: 58

Input: 80
Output: 79

Input: 150
Output: 161

Set this layer to Color 50% Opacity.

9. Duplicate base layer, drag it to the top and set it to Screen 36% Opacity.

10. Duplicate base layer again, drag it to the top and set it to Softlight this time, at 55% Opacity. Go to Layers > Merge > Merge All (Flatten) then you are all done!

11. Add brushes, textures, texts, anything you like! Here's what I added, although it's not that great.

Other icons made with the same affects.

Leave comments and show me how you guys did! Thanks.


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